BAE participating in Bornay´s workshop at Genera 2017 in Madrid

Thursday, 02 March 2017

BAE participating in Bornay´s workshop at Genera 2017 in Madrid

Bornay held its own side event on the 2nd of March at the Genera 2017, the Energy and Environment Trade Fair in Spain, in which BAE Batterien had the honor to participate.

This very special workshop was organized for more than 60 customers and involved the main brands represented by Bornay in the Spanish market: SMA, Victron, TESLA, Solar Edge and BAE Batterien as well as its own products, like Bornay´s new wind turbine Wind+. Most outstanding professionals from the Renewable Energy market in Spain attended to the workshop and actively participated in working groups, each led by a manufacturer.

Each team was assigned a Case Study standing for a potential customer looking for a solution to cover a specific demand for energy supply from renewable energies. The projects were intended to cover different scenarios: Self-consumption, solar systems to become more independent from rising electricity costs, pure off-grid systems or with utility grid as back-up for residential houses and for industrial purposes with storage in batteries, etc. The working groups were responsible for the design of the system, making decisions on the suitable technologies to be used, sizing and selecting the specific components (solar PV panels, small-scale wind turbines, inverters and batteries) and drawing the layout of the installation. Each team was led and supported by professionals from the industry with a vast experience in their field of work who motivated the group in order to realize its goals. Working groups offered attendees a forum for dialogue and interaction around designated issue areas.

BAE participating in Bornay´s workshop at Genera 2017 in Madrid

BAE´s Sales Manager for Spain and Latin America, Ruth Pérez de Azpeitia, was heading of one of the groups and focused the team's attention on the sizing of the batteries in photovoltaic installations, the importance of choosing the right battery for every application (tubular plate batteries, both VLA and VRLA GEL) and concepts like rated capacity, service cycle life according to IEC standards and temperature effect.

The teams’ project presentations generated some enthusiastic discussions and a lot of doubts and concerns were clarified. Bornay´s workshop provided the participants with well-prepared case studies, deep knowledge on available technologies and products as well as transferring the culture of quality, high professionalism and ethical standards and broaden perspectives to increase volume of sales.

The workshop was followed by a networking lunch, where the participants had the chance to share impressions and ideas.