BAE present at the Genera 2013

Friday, 01 March 2013

BAE present at the Genera 2013

BAE Batterien GmbH participated in the 1st Bornay Workshop organized during the Genera 2013 in Madrid. The Workshop was held on the 27th February in a private room located in the same Hall where the Genera Trade Fair took place.

More than 100 professionals attended to the Workshop, which focused on the topic “Self-consumption” together with contributions from the main brands represented by Bornay in the Spanish market, viz. Victron Energy, Schneider Electric and BAE Batterien GmbH.

BAE´s Area Sales Manager for Spain and Latin America, Ruth Pérez de Azpeitia, spoke about the requirements for batteries and the applicable internationals standards in photovoltaic installations. Worldwide projects in rural electrification, solar home systems and oil & gas platforms for example have proven the importance of choosing the right battery for these applications. In her presentation Ruth Perez de Azpeitia showed outstanding examples, where the premium BAE tubular plate batteries, both vented and VRLA GEL, are successfully operating since many years.

Besides the technical presentation, Bornay informed the attendants how they have become one of the leading international names in manufacturing of small-scale wind turbines. Bornay showed that it knows how to blend technology, innovation, international market openings, serial production, and made-to-measure project solutions, combining diverse clean sources for energy self-sufficiency to supply electricity grids and contribute to distributed generation.

The conferences were followed by a Cocktail at the Bornay’ booth, where the participants had the chance to share impressions and ideas.