Introduction 2nd generation of BAE SunDepot®

Thursday, 11 June 2015


The trend towards energy self-sufficiency will set even higher standards for storage systems which we also will fulfill in the future through our high quality products. Following the successful market conquest by the BAE SunDepot® battery system it is a pleasure to hereby present the second generation of the SunDepot®.

The new SunDepot® is improved regarding numerous details and the useful acceptance in private homes will be further increased through the redesign. Besides the design improvements for setting up the energy storage system, the new SunDepot® systems are standard available in two additional glossy colors –white and blue. Thereby, the value of the energy store based on the product range of the BAE PVV are even more highlighted. You would like a different color? No problem. We are happy to provide the SunDepot® battery system in your favorite color. Please contact us.

BAE SUNDEPOT 2. Generation

The BAE design engineers also have thought about the future of battery storage! Are you planning a smart home project? We are ready to integrate the energy storage. All SunDepot® battery storages of the second generation have been prepared to monitor all the main operating parameters. The advantages of the SunDepot® at a glance:

  • Integrated and proven maintenance-free battery system
  • Low and compact design, ideal for home solar systems
  • Robust, fully insulated battery carrier with front cover
  • Available in attractive colors in high quality and high private home acceptance
  • Prepared for integration in smart home projects