BAE contributes to energy transition with its SunDepot

Thursday, 07 March 2013

new BAE solution for the photovoltaic sector

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The highly fluctuating and hardly predictable generation of renewable energies is putting enormous pressure on the grid system. Besides based on the limited grid capacities only small portions of the generated renewable energy can be used practically today.

By introducing the BAE SUNDEPOT as a reliable energy storage this unit will support the grid load relief as well as an optimization of renewable energy applications. In off-peak times of the day with still increased energy demand, when only little solar energy can be gained, the SUNDEPOT now enables to supply major parts of the consumption by stored energy from batteries.

Furthermore the SUNDEPOT offers the opportunity for immediate cutting of future rising energy costs. The BAE SUNDEPOT is a compact solar energy storage device offering the possibility to increase the degree of self consumed solar energy drastically for home owners with roof top PV installations.

Detailed information can be found in the Technical Information.

new BAE solution for the solar sector
SunDepot - BAE solution for the photovoltaic sector