BAE Enviroment


As a producer of high quality lead batteries BAE is aware of its responsibilities towards society and environment. Efficient environmental measures prevent emissions and waste products are disposed and recycled directly where possible during the production process.

Lead batteries consist of lead, plastic parts and acid of which all components are almost to 100% recyclable. The used lead will be fully reused again as secondary lead and the plastic parts get removed before the process of lead recycling and are prepared for further using such as in the automobile industry. Finally the acid will be separated and filtered and special recycling plants make them usable for certain fresh acid applications. This whole certified and registered recycling process makes the lead-acid battery one of the most environmental friendly energy sources.

In the reduction of the carbon footprint the lead battery also plays an important role as an environmental friendly solution in the cases where photovoltaic (hybrid) system solutions replace the traditional diesel gen-sets and the energy is supplied out of batteries.

In future only registered battery manufacturers are allowed to bring their products into the market. With the new battery law all batteries should be brought into a 100% coordinated recycling system and all batteries will recirculate to a regulated recycling system. In Germany BAE fulfils this obligation with the registration at the federal environment office. BAE takes all types of batteries back, regardless which manufacturer. Please see the download document for more detailed information.

In the European Union the battery importer is liable as a “battery manufacturer” for the obligations out of the battery law. Therefore, the importer has to register at the responsible office in his country unless the manufacturer of batteries he imports is registered in this country already.

Download: BAE Information to the new battery law

Download: BAE Information about the REACH regulation and updated candidate list