BAE Railway Batteries


Railway applications

BAE batteries for railway vehicles are used to ensure the power supply in railway traffic. The fields of application of BAE railway batteries are as numerous as the variety of different applications defined by the needs and characteristics of the vehicle. No matter if it is emergency power supply in passenger cars, starting the engines of diesel locomotives, upgrading electric locomotives, or use for direct drive, BAE always offers an optimized and unique solution for the needs of the customer. Thanks to several electrolyte and plate technologies and a wide capacity range, BAE Batterien GmbH covers the entire range of railway traffic applications optimally.

Fire protection: Even exclusive customer requests such as containers and lids according to Fire Safety Standards NF F 16-101/16-102 can be met. The material of the containers and lids is certified in accordance with the above-mentioned standards, and tests confirm their Flammability Class of I3 and Toxicity Detection Class of F2. If necessary, the entire battery or cell including connectors can be made of self-extinguishing material according to UL 94 V-0.

BAE batteries for railway applications reflect outstanding quality by:

  • fully insulated battery design to ensure touch protection
  • robust battery design in tubular or grid plate technology for highest durability and cycle stability
  • very good charging behaviour
  • unique, double-sealed, screwed pole bushing for highest reliability
  • optional electrolyte agitation BAE Airtec (PIT = „Pipe in Tube“ technology) for PzS batteries to optimize operational costs and increase reliability
  • significant improvement in battery operation by additional accessories such as temperature sensors