BAE Traction Batteries


Traction applications

BAE batteries for traction applications are used whenever highest demands on performance can be found. Batteries designed to highest quality standards are especially mandatory under challenging mechanical stress in cyclic applications. In every application, from multiple shifts to warehousing in food markets BAE products meet the highest requirements on life time and profitability. The positive tubular plates of excellent quality are decisive for the stable capacity and reliability of the battery. The pole bushings are specially adapted to meet the daily demands of forklift truck operation, allowing strong mechanical stress and facilitating safe operation, while offering, at the same time, reduced maintenance effort.

BAE batteries for traction applications are available in low-maintenance VLA and in maintenance-free VRLA-GEL design, depending on customer requirements. Of course, the range meets the current DIN and IEC standards. Customer orientation is our strength, and it enables us to develop customized solutions. The automatic water refill system (BAE Aquamatic) and the electrolyte agitation (BAE Airtec) are the perfect complement for BAE traction batteries, focusing the reduction of operating costs and increased reliability.

BAE batteries for traction applications reflect outstanding quality by:

  • fully insulated battery design to ensure touch protection
  • robust battery design in tubular or grid plate technology for highest durability and cycle stability
  • very good charging behaviour
  • unique, double-sealed, screwed pole bushing for highest reliability
  • optional electrolyte agitation BAE Airtec (PIT = „Pipe in Tube“ technology) for PzS batteries to optimize operational costs and increase reliability
  • significant improvement in battery operation by additional accessories such as temperature sensors